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Obedience Tests Study Guide

I.  Basic Obedience
    1. Heeling on Lead
      1. Dog should maintain heel position while the handler does right, left and about turns, changes of pace and halts on a loose lead. Multiple commands are allowed. No distractions during this test.
    2. Recall
      1. Dog must stay until called. Dog must go to handler but is not required to sit in front or at heel.
    3. Stay
      1. 10 minutes with handler in sight approximately 50 feet away. Dog must stay within 5 feet of where it was originally left. Handler may give additional commands to stop movement.
    4. Aggression/Behavior
      1. Dog is tied out to its car. Another dog and handler pass by within 10 feet and the dog shall not show aggression.
      2. Dog and handler are loaded in the back of a vehicle with at least 2 other dog teams. The vehicle will be driven at least one mile, the dog must not display aggression or uncontrolled behavior.
      3. The handler will stand with their dog in the heeling position. A stranger will approach and engage the handler in conversion. The dog must not show aggressive behavior towards the stranger.

II.  Advanced Obedience

    1. Heeling on Lead
      1. Heeling through a crowd on a loose lead. Other dog teams used as a distraction. Corrections are allowed
    2. Recall
      1. Dog is required come when called and to sit in front or in heel position (within arm's length of handler)
    3. Stay
      1. 15 minutes with handler out of sight. At least 3 dogs are in the stay group. Distractions are present.
    4. Halt on Command
      1. Dog sent away from handler, motivator is allowed to be used. Dog must halt on handlers command (within 10 feet). Any position for the halt is acceptable (stand, sit or down)
    5. Acceptance of Another Handler
      1. Dog tied to vehicle. A dog and handler pass by, no aggression must be shown.
      2. A handler then approaches and take dog for a walk, dog must be manageable.
    6. Agility
      1. The dog will jump onto a surface at least 2.5 feet high.
      2. The dog will walk across a board at least 12 feet long, 12 inches wide and 3 feet off the ground. Agility tests 1 and 2 may be combined.
      3. The dog will go through a 36" diameter passageway at least 8 feet long.
    7. The agility tests must be performed without the handler physically aiding the dog.