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Training Substitution Guidelines

The Standards Committee voted in its June 14, 1997 meeting that Members must obtain BoD approval in order for any activities, other than scheduled training sessions, to qualify towards meeting the 50% training attendance requirement. This new procedure/mandate is to take effect at the beginning of the third quarter 1997. These guidelines define procedures the Members should use to ensure that their request can be appropriately reviewed by the BoD.

1.  Members will submit their requests for training substitutions to the D-E President in writing or by email. It is recommended that requests be submitted as soon as possible after the substituting activity takes place. However, requests may be submitted at any time before the end of the training quarter. Approved training substitutes will be applied only towards the same training quarter in which they occurred.

 2.  Each request will include the following information:

  • Date of scheduled training session which is being "substituted" by the alternative activity. This would generally be the training session following a D-E sponsored activity.

  • Date that the alternative activity took place.

  • Description of the alternative activity. Descriptions should demonstrate what kind of searching/training took place. These do not have to be lengthy. Some examples:

    • Wilderness search at (location) involving (xx) hours in the field searching for a lost child (or hunter, alzheimers, suicide, etc).

    • Water search at (location) involving (xx) hours searching from a boat (or walking along the shoreline).

    • Demo at (location) for (xx) hours. Involved motivational training while demonstrating handler and subject runaways. (Other examples: demonstrated/reinforced the find/indication/refind sequence; strengthened dog's socialization among crowds of adults/children; practiced dog obedience while handler spoke with the audience, etc).

    • Subject for a (40/160) acre evaluation at (location). Walked along for portion (xx hours) of evaluation and observed the effectiveness of strategy/tactics (and/or observed the evaluatee team's handler/dog skills; and/or practiced map & compass, land navigation, etc.).

    • Attended (MSO, GSAR, etc.) course sponsored by (ASRC, DEM, etc.) at (location) for (xx) hours.

  • Decisions on all requests will be made by the BoD within two weeks after the request is submitted or at the end of the quarter (whichever is soonest). The Training Director will inform the member of the BoD decision.